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Men’s Health Doctor in Lenox Hill

Axoxa New Vitality Medical Center specializes in the medical area of male hormones and the effects that hormonal deficiencies have on the body. At Axoxa New Vitality Medical Center, we are committed to providing comprehensive, friendly and compassionate care to our patients. If you suffer from hormonal deficiencies and are looking for a dedicated Lenox Hill men’s health center, we are here for you. Bio-identical hormone therapy is the perfect solution for optimizing hormones and you will reap all the benefits of traditional hormone replacement without the risks and side effects associated with synthetic hormones. Our expert therapy for low testosterone will help revitalize your quality of life.

Our services address many of the needs men need as they age. Male hormone levels generally peak during adolescence and early adulthood, and in older men a low testosterone level may simply be due to the decline of normal aging. However, for those experiencing an abnormally low drop in testosterone, or hypo-gonadism, you may benefit from low testosterone treatment. The Lenox Hill men’s health center uses bio-identical hormones which are identical in molecular structure to the hormones in human bodies. They are synthesized from yams. This is the form of hormones which our body can utilize in the easiest way, because the body cannot distinguish bio-identical hormones from ones produced by the body as they are based on the same molecular structure.

Many men with the symptoms of low hormone levels don’t know that help is available. With traditional hormone replacement therapies, hormones whose genetic structure has been manipulated so they are similar (but not identical to) the hormones your body naturally produces are utilized. However, what makes them problematic is that sometimes our bodies don’t completely recognize them and so these synthetic hormones attach to cells they were never made to connect with. Bio-identical hormones contain the same chemical structure as the hormones your body naturally produces. Since they are naturally identical to the hormones we produce, like estrogen and testosterone, the integration process is much less risky, and far more rewarding. At the Lenox Hill men’s health care center, we also treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We offer a full range of therapies for healthy male sexuality. Our expertise in BHRT will help enhance and re-energize your life. Don’t suffer in silence or embarrassment. Call today for an appointment and let us revitalize your life.

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