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Increasing libido in Midtown

Midtown hormone therapy
Midtown hormone therapy

There is no reason that you have to accept and live with the effects of losing testosterone as you get older. While it is a fact that men’s levels of this vital hormone can tend to decrease with age, here at AXOXA, our Midtown hormone therapy can restore it to its former levels, and in the process can increase your libido. If you have found that yours has waned, this is the ideal time for you to consider the benefits of testosterone replacement.

Among the things that this hormone is responsible for in the male body are muscle strength and mass, density of bones, distribution of fat, production of red blood cells, sperm production, and (of course) sex drive. It is natural for testosterone to decrease once you pass 30, typically at a rate of about 1% per year. And while not every man will be a good candidate for our Midtown hormone therapy, many will. Among the reasons that you may seek it out are problems related to your sex life, such as decreased libido, infertility, and less spontaneous erections. There are other symptoms, not directly related to sex, that may also be helped with male hormone replacement. These include insomnia or other changes in sleep; an increase in body fact; reduced muscle mass; loss of body hair; reduced motivation or self-confidence; sadness, depression, or inability to focus. Any of those problems can have a significant impact on your life and on your ability to function on a daily basis. And when it comes to your sex life, anything that is causing it to be hindered is a major concern. Our Midtown hormone therapy may be just the thing to spur improvements.

Why not call us today and schedule an appointment where you will be evaluated to determine if you are likely to benefit from getting testosterone replacement?

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