Upper East Side erectile dysfunction doctor

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction 10028

Upper East Side erectile dysfunction doctor
Upper East Side erectile dysfunction doctor

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men that can cause anxiety, depression and stress. Over 30 million American men are affected by the condition. There are many different causes that could possibly lead to erectile dysfunction, or ED, but for all of the causes there is also treatment for the problem. At AXOXA New Vitality Medical Center, our Upper East Side erectile dysfunction doctor can help diagnose and treat this irritating but highly treatable problem for men.

The most common factor found in erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection for a long enough time to be able to have sex or complete orgasm. Because male erection is stimulated by many different physiological and psychological processes – the hormones, brain, muscles, blood vessels, emotions, and nerves – causes may result due to dysfunction with any of those processes. The signs and symptoms of ED can be reduced sexual desire combined with the inability to get or keep an erection. Sometimes, men can experience temporary ED in times of stress, but if the problem persists or is frequent, sufferers should visit our Upper East Side erectile dysfunction doctor to be tested. The cause may be a sign of a health problem or an emotional difficulty. Usually, a man in good health will have good sexual function. If a man’s health is generally good, erectile dysfunction could point to relationship difficulties or other psychological problems.

Other causes of ED include diabetes, drug use, smoking, alcohol use, cardiovascular disease, or injury. The good news is that ED is a highly treatable condition that responds well to different therapies. Depending on the cause, treatments can vary. Sometimes a combination of physical and mental issues can cause ED. The primary treatment for ED is by treating the underlying health problem first, which usually clears up the issue. Other treatments include medication or psychological counseling. If you are having erectile dysfunction issues, talk to our Upper East Side erectile dysfunction doctor to learn more about treatment options. Any mental health or physical problems should not be ignored as they can cause long term depression, anxiety or health issues.

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