Upper East Side Hormonal Balance

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Male Hormone Therapy on the Upper East Side

Upper East Side Hormonal Balance
Upper East Side Hormonal Balance

As you get older, a lot of things begin to change. You will notice the wear and tear that the years have had on your body begin to affect you and your health, and you may not have the same energy or vitality that you once did when you were younger. For men, some of these effects may be the result of low testosterone. All men experience some degree of low testosterone as they get older, but the effects may bother some men more than others and keep them from doing the things that they love. Here at AXOXA we can help you by providing you with Upper East Side hormonal balance therapy.

Losing testosterone over time is completely normal and is a basic part of life and getting older. Did you know that testosterone levels decrease by 1% roughly every year after the age of 30 or 40 or so? Testosterone is the main male hormone and it plays a huge role in various bodily functions. Men with low testosterone may experience a number of different side effects such as decreased muscle tone and increased storage of fat, loss of libido or sex drive as well as some issues with sexual functioning and performance, loss of energy and motivation, loss of mental clarity, feeling fatigued, issues with memory, depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, a decreased sense of well-being, sleeping issues, and even thinning hair and a decrease in bear growth. Many of these things can interfere with the quality of your daily life, and we here at AXOXA can help. Our specialists can provide you with Upper East Side hormonal balance therapy that can help you get your life back on track.

Any of the side effects mentioned above can cause you to feel like something is missing in your life, that things just aren’t the same. With Upper East Side hormonal therapy, we here at AXOXA can help boost your testosterone levels so you can finally feel like yourself again. Each treatment is attuned to meet the specific needs of our patients, so if you are interested in getting treatment for low testosterone then feel free to call us here at AXOXA to learn more and get started today.

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