Upper East Side testosterone therapy

Upper East Side Hormone Therapy

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Upper East Side

Upper East Side hormone therapy
Upper East Side hormone therapy

Low testosterone, or Low T as it is sometimes referred to, is a condition that affects an increasingly large number of men from age 35 and up. And it’s not just men who suffer from hormone deficiencies. It’s a concern for women, too, from around the same age. A remarkably effective method of treatment for it is Upper East Side hormone therapy replacement. However, here at AXOXA, we have an even better and more beneficial solution, and that’s what is known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Let us explain to you what it is and why it’s an option you should consider taking advantage of.

Men with hormone deficiencies can experience symptoms such as reduced mental clarity, sexual dysfunction, unexplained fatigue, decreased interest in sex, increased belly fat and/or weight gain, loss of muscle strength, and memory loss. That’s a discouraging list, to be certain, but with our Upper East Side hormone therapy, you can be confident that there’s a way to counteract those indications. As for women, there is a different set of signs. Among them are insomnia, night sweats, depression, mood swings, hot flashes, hair loss, and vaginal dryness. Again, it’s completely understandable that such problems would cause you to feel alarmed. Our Upper East Side hormone therapy is not the standard type, but a more advanced one. BHRT is such an exciting innovation because it is not synthetic. The chemical structure is the same as the ones that your body produces naturally. And because of this, your body recognizes it easily, thereby reducing risks and complications, and making it more effective.

Why take unnecessary chances when you can be treated with BHRT? Our Upper East Side hormone therapy has positive implications for renewed health and the reduction or elimination of symptoms, for both women and men. Call our office and set up an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination.

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