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Male Hormone Therapy in Upper East Side

Welcome to Axoxa New Vitality Medical Center. At our New York City practice, we specialize in the medical area of male hormones and the effects that hormonal deficiencies have on the body. At Axoxa New Vitality Medical Center we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, friendly and compassionate care to our patients. If you suffer from hormonal deficiencies, we are here to teach you how to overcome them so you can start learning how to live with them. Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy is the perfect solution for optimizing hormones, as you will reap all the benefits of traditional hormone replacement, without the risks and side effects associated with synthetic hormones. Our expertise in BHRT will help revitalize your quality of life.

Dr. Juraj Lukac’s mission is providing the best possible care and outcomes for the overall wellness of his patients. He continues to strive for excellence in his practice though his ongoing educational development and overall patient centered approach to care, viewing each of his patients as an individual and their plan of care is unique to them and the relationship he forms with each individual.


Some of our areas of expertise include:

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